Benny The Butcher & Pusha T Channel Kingpins On "18 Wheeler"

The kingpin era is alive and well, thanks in large part to the efforts of Benny The Butcher (as well as his Griselda compatriots) and Pusha T,  the patron saint of cocaina raps. In that sense, their partnership feels like a match made in heaven, especially since it's set on Benny's musical home turf. Consider Pusha's recent music run, the majority of it transpiring over relatively polished Kanye West instrumentals; to hear him wax poetic over gully, raw production makes for a refreshing marriage of music and lyrics. 

Speaking with Complex, Benny highlighted the importance "18 Wheeler" holds to the streets. “The streets have been waiting on this record! Long overdue!" he exclaims. "I’m talking my talk, Push talking his talk. I couldn’t do this project without reaching out to Pusha.” It doesn't take long for their chemistry to manifest, as The Butcher sets it off with a compelling and deftly-woven depiction of a drug runner's lifestyle. Pusha ably seizes the baton, spitting effortless bars like only he can. "Only I can coke rap this glamorous," boasts Pusha. "The only drug dealer out at fashion week!"

Quotable Lyrics

To really make these types of cheques,
I took my chances when I was traveling
Without no license yes, I really took those type of risks
I'm laughing at indictment threats, 
I used to sell O's but now I outsell shows to the fans - the trail cold

- The Butcher

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