Lizzo Blesses Charli XCX For Pop Smash "Blame It On Your Love"

Lizzo has become one of the most exciting female artists in the world in such a short amount of time. The artist has been hustling for years, releasing albums and picking up a steady buzz but she's fully coming into her own in 2019, dropping some of the biggest bops of the year. The ascent started with "Juice," continued with her album release, got her an invite to the Met Gala and now, a collaboration with Charli XCX. The joint effort was announced earlier this week with both artists teasing their new single and now, it's officially out. 

The track is a certified summer smash and we already know it's about to get tons of radio airplay. It's the kind of track that's bound to get overplayed before the end of the warmer months so hopefully, it doesn't wear out before fall. Has Charli XCX's mission to save pop music succeeded or is she lacking?

Quotable Lyrics:

Gotta blame it on the, blame it on the, blame it on the juice
Looking at my booty like you don't know what to do
Baby, I know that you can't control it
But my body like a swisher, just roll it
Imma give you one chance to fall in love
Give you one chance, don't fuck this up

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