Rich The Kid Takes Initiative In Leaking "Breakin You Off"

In today's day and age, artists are continuously forced to suffer through unexpected leaks, laying unreleased and unfinished track skeletons bare for the world to see. Though certainly frustrating for some, others are more willing to take it in stride; given the age range of these rappers, it wouldn't be surprising to learn they did their fair share of pirating once upon a time. Today, Rich The Kid decided to seize control of the boat, and once again take control of his musical destiny.

After leakers prematurely shred his Ty Dolla $ign & 2 Chainz assisted track "Breakin You Off" with the masses, Rich decided to own it nonetheless. The rapper took to Twitter to host a direct link to the single, making this one somewhat of an unofficial official single. "Somebody leaked this, enjoy!" writes Rich, a testament to the fact that the "kid" is becoming a "man" before our very eyes. Check out the link below, and be sure to chime in with your thoughts on this one. Would this one have been another hit?

Quotable Lyrics

You know that I'm up on my papers
Woo, please, geez, tomatoes 
Another new car on my ankles, take you to see the Lakers 
Never reply to fakers, I'm realer than dreads on Jamaicans

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