Snoop Dogg, YG, & Mustard Go Hard On "Blue Face Hunnids"

He's affectionately called Unc by fans and friends alike, but Snoop Dogg has made sure that people don't forget that he's not one to be messed with. On Friday morning, the veteran rapper released his highly-anticipated album I Wanna Thank Me, a project where you'll find Snoop both boasting about his rap game status while also issuing out a call for unity within gang culture. The latter is a direct result of the death of Nipsey Hussle who was tragically murdered earlier this year and whose death deeply impacted millions worldwide.

Snoop linked up with two more of Nip's close friends and collaborators, YG and Mustard, to create "Blue Face Hunnids." As all three artists are natives of Los Angeles, Mustard delivers a beat that's steeped in west coast vibes. YG lends his vocals to the chant-like chorus as Snoop carries the verses and shows off the more gangsta side to his persona. What do you think of "Blue Face Hunnids"?

Quotable Lyrics

N*ggas mad I bossed up for years and I'm still lit
And I ain't nothing they can deal with
I set it off with n*ggas who wanna test it (Yeah)
I took over the game and then I blessed it (Yeah)
Crip game with the sh*t mane
You better duck when the sh*t change (Huh?)
I'm pulling up, shooting mid-range (Swish)

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